Speedy 30 Monogram

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Our cash offer is based on handbag being in "Very Good" condition. The offer on a "Good" condition bag will be less than shown cash offer, depending on the amount of wear. See condition scale below. To redeem your offer, click the print icon and bring in your bag(s) and quote(s) to your nearest Keeks location. OR you can initiate the selling process online HERE.

Excellent: Item appears unused. May contain faint signs of wear due to storage conditions. 
Very Good:
 Item is clean and contains very little wear. Item may show minor visible wear to corners, hardware, and leather. 
Good: Item does show moderate signs of prior use. Item will have noticeable signs of wear such as well scuffed edges or significant scratches. Surface scratches, darkening in handles, and other indications of wear may be visible. "Good" condition items often present our customers with the greatest opportunity to save significantly on authentic luxury bags.

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